BR Motorsport – Fiesta ST180 – Ecoboost 1.6 – Induction KitBR Motorsport – Fiesta ST180 – Ecoboost 1.6 – Induction Kit

BR Motorsport – Fiesta ST180 – Ecoboost 1.6 – Induction Kit


BR Motorsport – Induction Kit for the Ford Fiesta ST 180 1.6 Ecoboost
This Fiesta Air Intake Kit replaces the stock Air filter / Filter box & inlet hose. Once installed we can see massive reductions in system restriction and improvements in intake noise and performance, an increase in performance due to the factory box being so restrictive. 
System pressure loss is reduced thus boosting power, and improving the torque substantially at the higher revs. Intake noise is improved with a glorious growl which emanates from the intake as you run through the rev range.
The installation is simple and quick, no modifications are required.
This kit has been designed to fit into the following vehicle;
Ford Fiesta ST 180 1.6 Ecoboost 
Kit includes;
  • BR Motorsport Silicon Hose (Choice of colours*)
  • Black PA6 Plastic MAF Holder
  • BR Motorsport Air Filter
  • BR Motorsport Aluminium Heat shield
  • Jubilee clip to secure the filter to the MAF holder (retains the use of the 2 factory jubilee clips to secure the hose).
Key Benefits;
  • Increases in Torque,
  • Excellent intake noise,
  • Easy installation (10 minutes),
  • UK Designed, Developed and Manufactured,
  • High Quality product,
  • Large selection of Silicone hose colours*,
Tools required for installation;
  • Screwdriver – Torx 20
  • Screwdriver – Flat-head / Slotted
  • Flexible Hose Clamp Driver
Hose colours are offered as: White, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow & Green as standard – usually in stock.
*Further colours are available but at additional cost, and with extended delivery time.
Upon completing your order, specify what hose colour you would like in the notes, or send a quick email.
Further questions contact a member of the team at: enquiries@br-motorsport.com
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Vehicle Model

Fiesta ST180


BR Motorsport

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Engine Tuning


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